Online reading and writing tuition

Read Aspire

Multisensory literacy tuition for dyslexia and reading difficulties

Read Aspire is an online literacy and learning centre for students aged 6 to adult. 

With an approach that’s comprehensive, multisensory and evidence-based, Read Aspire helps children and adults learn to:

  • read
  • write
  • spell, and
  • become skilled, engaged learners for life

Our goal is to see students improve their literacy skills AND become confident readers and learners.

I’m carla beth

Reading intervention practitioner 

Hi there.

As an experienced literacy intervention practitioner and teacher, I believe nobody deserves to be left behind because they struggle to read or learn. In an ideal world, they wouldn’t be.

But, sometimes more help is needed.

That’s where Read Aspire can help.

How can we help?

Reading intervention

Personalised programs that develop the essential skills of reading, writing and spelling.

Ideal for struggling readers who have dyslexia, learning difficulties or other reading issues, our one-to-one sessions take students through a structured, systematic learning path to reading and writing confidence.

What’s more, lessons are fun and engaging.

Read Aspire helps students of all ages catch up and become confident, skilled readers, writers and spellers.

Small group learning programs

Read Aspire offers a range of small group programs and holiday intensives that are effective, evidence-based and affordable.

Programs are available in reading, writing and homeschool English and History.

Consulting and Coaching

Read Aspire offers consulting and coaching services for families, students and educators in literacy and curriculum delivery.

Whether you are a parent, teacher or homeschool family looking for that extra bit of support or guidance, this one’s for you.

Nice things people say

"Our son is so proud of himself and the improvement in his weekly class spelling tests. And we are grateful for the patient and expert guidance by Carla in helping create a circuit breaker against what we feared may have led to a learning shut down from our son should he have continued to struggle in class."

Christine S

"I’ve very much appreciated the materials that Carla has included to help keep my son interested with his learning. She’s a very good tutor with a great passion for teaching, and teaches in a way that kids can understand."

Tracey R

"My experience with Carla has been nothing short of amazing. She was the most supportive teacher for me at school, and since then, with my struggles with applying for university. If it wasn’t for her help, I wouldn’t have even thought about university study. Thank you!"

Kurt M

"We recently engaged Carla to assist with our daughter’s approach to all aspects of her learning. We’ve found Carla to be very approachable and easy to work with. Since working with Carla, our daughter’s approach to homework and the like has improved. We’ll certainly be utilising Carla’s services next term."

Mandi S

"What you do is a labour of love, which to your students will make a lifetime of difference."

Sandy Taylor

"Your dedication to our small class has gone above and beyond anything I could've expected. Thank you so much for all that you've done."

Kate J

"Thanks for a fun and interesting year."

Micaela C

"Georgie is enjoying every session with Carla. She has been working hard on spelling and grammar. It is very interactive and able to be conducted from any location via Zoom. She is learning as well as having fun and we will continue tutoring with Carla next year."

Catherine C


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